At david hicks, we employ a holistic design philosophy – regarding the three elements of the built environment, architecture, interior design and decoration, as one. Space and form, materials, finishes and furnishings combine to create a harmonious whole.

This overarching vision resonates with our clients. As part of our commitment to customer service and project management, we deliver projects in a transparent and caring way. The number of David Hicks’ clients who return for their second, third and even their fourth design project is proof of this.

The path of design and construction can be challenging. Our team of talented architects and interior designers guides clients through every step. Known for his attention to detail and love of craftsmanship, david hicks himself provides overall creative direction on every project.

Meanwhile, a strong management team supports and facilitates the studio’s design work. Obtaining permits, council consents, negotiating tenders and pricing through to administration and delivery of the project may be less glamorous aspects of the design process, but they are just as essential to a polished result.

With an already expansive and diverse portfolio the practice accepts commissions both locally and globally for private homes, residential developments, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and corporate offices.

The david hicks head office in Melbourne, Australia, services clients nationally as well as in New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, while the Los Angeles satellite caters for clients further afield, in the US and Europe. This comprehensive network provides ready access to design expertise, products, materials and furniture worldwide.


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