As a company our aim is to reduce potential exposure
and limit the spread of the virus amongst our staff and client base.


We continually invest in our IT platforms and infrastructure
as it aids us to work interstate and internationally, and now remotely.
As of Thursday 19th March our team will be working remotely
with no disruption to our high level of service and your valued projects.
We are very well placed to continue to meet our exacting standards
and the requirements of our current and future clients and their projects.


During this time the office of David Hicks will not be open
to the public and we request that you do not attend our office in person.
All scheduled and future meetings, along with site inspections, will proceed
via tele or video conference.


We spend much of our lives as designers trying to push boundaries
and this is just one more to push.
As a business we are not shy about using technology to work with clients and suppliers
from all over the world, and have done so successfully for 20 years now.
David Hicks has embraced this as a new way forward and will be utilising honed skills
whilst working on both existing and new projects remotely.
We encourage you, as our valued clients, to also embrace this new way
of creating and exploring and as a vehicle to foster new beginnings.
This is the future of Design.


Should you have any further queries or concerns please do not hesitate to
contact our office.
+61 3 9826 3955

Thank you