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Leather Noir


Fragrance is one of the most defining style signatures.

“This unique scented candle contains the passion and identity of my interiors, curated in the same way with an elegant layering of architectural precision and luxurious decorative embellishment. Celebrating a twenty-one-year milestone, designed as the signature scent for my studio, it is an unmistakable sensory experience of my world.” David Hicks.

The heart of this fragrance is a robust leather accord, playfully contrasting against vibrant, decorative accents of grapefruit, elemi, and cardamom which provide a crisp, luxurious edge. Elegant, architectural notes are found in the sumptuous warmth of cedarwood, juniper, and vetiver, whilst amber and clove combine richness and texture.

Scent: Citrus, green (fresh), leather, woody

Elements: Grapefruit, juniper, cardamom, black pepper, leather (accord), clove, vetiver, amber, cedarwood, labdanum

Surprise: Elemi

Mood & Chemistry: Calming and uplifting
– monoterpenes including limonene
– monoterpenols including linalol
– esters including linalyl acetate

Form: Smooth, round

Structure: Narrative

Sound: Listen

Handmade in Sydney by The Raconteur
Burns: 60+ hours
100% soy wax
Pure cotton wicks
Free of paraffin, parabens, phthalates and lead
Weight: 300g

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