David Hicks was born in Australia and spent his childhood living in Malaysia.
His early exposure to international architecture, design styles and cultures has had an enduring impact.

Hicks, a perpetual traveler, approaches architecture, interior design, and decoration via a sophisticated global lens.
Combining inspiration from across continents with his thirst for knowledge, he has revolutionised modern design and created a distinctive signature style for which he is well known and in constant demand.

As an enthusiast of classical and modernist architecture, Hicks revels in refined symmetry.
By deftly balancing robust architectural gestures with sumptuous decorative accents, he weaves multilayered stories in a harmonious, elegant way to create considered, highly detailed environments that transcend time.

Hicks, a minimalist at heart, finds clarity in all that he does with his discerning eye and thorough editing skills.
A thoughtful listener, he has an innate ability to understand a project’s requirements and desired outcomes.
Quick to visualise concepts and articulate his ideas in detail, he is masterful in bringing a vision to life.

A regular on the pages of international publications, the multi-award-winning designer is celebrated for a body of work that is graceful, sophisticated, and unmistakably luxurious.

Hicks holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design (Honours) from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).

His first book, Intimate – A Private World of Interiors, was released in 2016 by leading global publishing house Thames & Hudson.

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